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10-Sep-2017 14:04

Guess I’m still doing it, because I came up with my own oatmeal cookie recipe instead of asking for hers (I’ll get it later, for sure).

I wanted oatmeal cookies with a soft, fluffy interior and crisper edges with more concentrated flavor.

I like her cookies straight from the freezer; they have a more satisfying chew that way.

I like them at room temp and fresh from the oven, too.

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Take a whiff and you’ll know what I mean; they’re more potent and offer superior flavor than other brands.

Plus, you can read where the spices came from on the bottle.

I wanted these cookies to be even more redeeming than most, but mostly to be the tastiest of oatmeal cookies.

Instead of adding dried cranberries and macadamia nuts (or white chocolate chips), I kept these simple with some cinnamon and nutmeg, which permeate the whole cookie with delicious warming spices. When my cousins and I were growing up, she always kept homemade cookies stashed in old cookie tins in the freezer (I bet she has some in her freezer now, too).