Aol mail not updating on droid automags online dating

01-Jan-2018 23:50

aol mail not updating on droid-64

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There's often a return to a dismal assessment when fortune seems to turn again against Microsoft in the form of departing apps, lost partnerships or some other calamity. Is Microsoft's mobile strategy as volatile as this vacillating coverage portrays? This admittedly makes following Microsoft's mobile story challenging for some.Furthermore, it's clear that the company's efforts have failed.Thus, the response to specific events, or news results in an (often negative) extrapolation of that new data into sweeping generalizations about the entire scope of Microsoft's mobile strategy.For example, when Corporate Vice President of Operations Joe Belfiore recently confirmed Windows 10 Mobile had no future, most people rashly and mistakenly stated that Belfiore confirmed that Microsoft was done with mobile.And though most of what's written are based on the same data, it's filtered through the perspective, subjective perceptions and analytical aptitude of individual writers. Weather is a of weather conditions over a long period.This has led to a seemingly unending cycle of articles declaring Windows phone and Microsoft's mobile efforts as dead; followed shortly thereafter with contrasting views by the same writers when some "new" information about some "new" plan is discovered. Many Microsoft watchers seem to view and respond to Microsoft's mobile efforts according to the "weather" rather than the "climate." Within the context of its long "climate" view, Microsoft has frustrated users and writers by modifying aspects of its phone strategy multiple times over the years.Despite these realities, the company's overarching and decades-old mobile strategy, to bring a telephony-enabled mobile device with the full power of Windows to market has remained unchanged.Microsoft would have continued pursuing a post-smartphone device even if it had succeeded with smartphones.

If most people had a long view, they would have known Windows 10 Mobile would be being replaced by Windows Core OS on Microsoft's next mobile device which will have a pen and inking focus.

Windows 10 Mobile and Microsoft's broader mobile strategy are two different things, however.

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