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03-Oct-2017 02:55

His other, his soulmate, his better half, has long since died from Stigma, a virus affecting only his kind.

But Jimin survived, cursed to walk the earth alone forever.

Alternate universe, setting is in the modern-post apocalyptic world - Vampires and Humans, The humans fight to keep themselves afloat, to rise against this new threat.

The nuclear sirens came without warning, a flashing light and a mushroom-like cloud was the last thing many saw.

Being weird comes with the territory for teenagers, what with the raging hormones and devil may care attitudes.

But Amaia Abbott has hit the high end of weird when she finds out she is a Dhampir (half human, half vampire).

From now on, I resume posting news -- roughly, on a monthly basis.Earth is no longer in the human's grasp, for vampires now fight to take it all, take it all away.