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— June 29, 2013 • The US government spies on at least 38 foreign embassies and missions, using a variety of electronic surveillance methods.— June 30, 2013 • The NSA spies on millions of phone calls, emails, and text messages of ordinary German citizens.Snowden downloaded up to 1.5 million files, according to national intelligence officials, before jetting from Hawaii to Hong Kong to meet with journalists Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras.After he handed off his treasure trove of documents, he flew from Hong Kong and later became stranded in Moscow.

(It was unclear whether this report came from Snowden docs.) — August 23, 2013 • Britain runs a secret internet-monitoring station in the Middle East to intercept emails, phone calls, and web traffic, The Independent reports, citing Snowden documents.— June 7, 2013 • Documents reveal the NSA's Boundless Informant program, which gives the agency near real-time ability to understand how much intelligence coverage there is on certain areas through use of a "heat map." — June 8, 2013 • The NSA was hacking computers in Hong Kong and mainland China, few of which were military systems.— June 13, 2013 • Britain's GCHQ (its intelligence agency) intercepted phone and internet communications of foreign politicians attending two G-20 meetings in London in 2009.His future was far from certain, as the journalists he trusted started revealing his secrets.

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Here is everything that Snowden's leaks revealed between 20: • With a top-secret court order, the NSA collected the telephone records from millions of Verizon customers.— August 1, 2013 • Seven of the world's leading telecommunications companies provide GCHQ with secret, unlimited access to their network of undersea cables.