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They are both a feature of individual cognition, in that a person holds and expresses views which may influence others, and they are also social in that views circulate through communication (conversation, books, television, and social media) which then influence the opinions of individuals.Different cultures with their different dynamics may develop different social representations, so the common sense of one culture may be very different to that of another.They found that for Japanese viewers it went against their expectations of soap operas (based on their own ).Also, inconsistencies which might have been viewed in the home culture as exciting or experimental, such as two characters hating each other one week and then working together the next, were viewed as vexing; this created a critical distance rather than involvement in the story.In Japan he won the ABC Manzai Competition and other prestigious prizes, and in the US he came in second place in the LA Comedy Store Stand-up Competition.

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Social representations Moscovici argues that social representations arise through communication in a culture.

To explore the reasons for this my essay will examine representations in Japanese popular culture and their interpretation in the British media.

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