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07-Jun-2017 16:20

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For example, a Chinese girl will probably care more than an American girl about the guy’s family background and the stability of his living conditions.

This is because in Chinese culture, men are expected to be the foundation of the family, meaning it is important that they have the resources for a family.

And unsurprisingly, many families don’t approve dating before college because they see it as a distraction from student responsibilities.

In fact, relationships are sometimes even prohibited by teachers or school principals in China, who need to make sure that their students stay on track.

For men, having an apartment and a car are often prerequisites to marriage proposals, in order to demonstrate financial stability.

However, after the market crash of 2008, the "naked marriage" term was popularized.

Of course, the dating stereotypes mentioned are not strictly applied to every person within each culture, but are generalizations.

However, right now China is already less conservative than it what it used to be hundreds of years ago.

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Whether or not the person is marriage-quality will matter much earlier to Chinese people than Westerners in the dating process.

The cultural differences are the main reasons for the divide between dating styles of Americans and Chinese.

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