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27-Aug-2017 03:45

Streaming in HD Punch (2011) – based on a popular young adult novel, this Korean coming of age tale follows a poor kid living in the slums and the cranky teacher who inspires him.

Streaming in HD See You After School (2006) – in this Korean film, a geeky kid picks a fight with the school bully before he realizes what he’s done.

Streaming in HD My Scary Girl (2006) – a college lecturer finds out his new love may not be as sane as she appears in this Korean romantic comedy.

Streaming in HD Over the Border (2006) – a South Korean family flee to the North when they lose everything in this drama.

Streaming in HD Parallel Life (2010) – a newly appointed judge discovers the tragic events of his life mirror those of a judge who lived 30 years ago in this Korean drama.

Streaming in HD Private Eye (2012) – a private detective is on the case of a mysterious murder in this Korean period thriller.

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Streaming in HD The Twins Effect 2 AKA Blade of Kings (2004) – a martial arts fantasy from Hong Kong, featuring appearances by Donnie Yen and Jackie Chan Attack the Gas Station Part 2 (2010) – a sequel to the popular Tarantino-esque Korean film.Streaming in HD Ghost (2010) – believe it or not, this is a Korean remake of the famous Patrick Swayze/Demi Moore movie.Streaming in HD Lump of Sugar (2006) – a Korean film about the bond between a young girl and her horse, named Thunder.Streaming in HD Salvage Mice (2011) – an obscure martial arts beat-em-up from Japan, featuring a cast of female fighters.

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Streaming in HD Jan Dara (2001) – this controversial Thai drama co-stars Hong Kong starlet Christy Cheung in a tale of sexual obsession Blood Brothers (2007) – a glossy remake of John Woo’s “Bullet in the Head” set in 1930’s Shanghai, starring Daniel Wu and Shu Qi I Wish (2011) – a heartfelt Japanese drama about two young brothers separated by their parents’ divorce.Streaming in HD The Viral Factor (2012) – Dante Lam directs this explosive Hong Kong action flick starring Nicholas Tse and Jay Chou.