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09-Jul-2017 07:30

This episode explores relationships in the digital age; a Japanese family who have an AI robot as part of their family; a woman who has programmed her dead friend into a chatbot; and a mother who uses a spy program to monitor her teenage daughter's activities on her phone.In this episode, Adam explained that circumcision was popularized by a bunch of 19th-century prudes in an effort to curb masturbation, that no one should worry about whether or not they have herpes and why the term "pop your cherry" is a whole bunch of nonsense.

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REVRY is the world’s first LGBTQ digital streaming platform.

This episode documents political movements and extremist groups, including an Alt-right group who spread their message via social media, and former members of extremist groups such Neo-Nazis (including Christian Picciolini) and Al-Qaeda who are now non-radicalized.

This episode explores facial recognition technology and its use in law enforcement, homes, and casinos.

And you don't even want to know what he thought you should do to women."Singh-Grewal, D., J. Web.: from science historian David Gollaher, this medical page-turner reveals the ‘strange history of medicine's oldest enigma and most persistent ritual.’Savage Lovecast: from sex expert Dan Savage, this podcast episode features an interview with Dr.

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Anna Kaminski of Planned Parenthood who explains that herpes is essentially not that big a deal. : in this You Tube video by Laci Green, she breaks down the myths surrounded the hymen and how these misunderstandings lead to painful sexual experiences for women.Watch Adam explain why you probably have herpes, while guest star Emily Axford reveals the truth about hymens and sex.

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